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7. Loan against Property


A loan against property is a secured loan that is sanctioned keeping an asset as mortgage with the lender. The asset remains as collateral with the lender until the entire loan against property amount is repaid. This type of secured loan can be an alternative for unsecured personal loans as it also has no end-use restriction. However, the loan amount can be much higher and the tenure is also longer in this case.


  • High Loan Amount
  • Low Rate of Interest
  • Quick Disbursal
  • Convenient Repayment Tenor
  • Minimal Documents
  • Easy to Fulfill Eligibility Criteria
  • Easy Balance Transfer Facility
Types of Property against which LAP can be availed

  • Self-owned residential property
  • Self-owned and self-occupied residential property
  • Self-owned but rented residential property
  • Self-owned piece of land
  • Self-owned commercial property
  • Self-owned but rented commercial property